5 Ways to Keep Your Wicker Outdoor Furniture in Mint Condition

Wicker outdoor furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture has been in demand because it is durable, comfortable, and visually appealing. However, when not properly taken care of, it can lose its beauty, can become uncomfortable to laze on and can become worn out before its time. That is why, you must give it some tender loving care so that it can serve you for a long time. Here are some tips on how to keep your wicker outdoor furniture in mint condition.


1. Periodic Maintenance for Your Wicker Outdoor Furniture

From time to time, dust the furnishings with a cloth, vacuum them or wipe them with a rag that is a bit moistened with soapy water to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt on your wicker pieces. To deal with dirt that has been trapped in cracks, you can get rid of it with a pointed object such as a toothpick or by brushing it with a toothbrush (not the one you’re still using, of course).


2. Dealing with Really Dirty Wicker Outdoor Furniture

For really dirty wicker outdoor furniture which cannot be dealt with by the simple periodic maintenance, you can hose the pieces down. Just make sure that the pieces are made of plastic, resin, or organic materials, like rattan and not some material that should not be drenched. Next, apply soapy water (dish-washing detergent dissolved in water will do the job) to loosen dirt. Then, rinse off with clean water. Let it dry away from the sun for one to two days. While the pieces are still wet, never sit on or place items on them to keep the woven material from stretching.


3. Protecting Your Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Although wicker furniture is an ideal outdoor furniture, except for those made of paper fiber, make it a point to cover or store the pieces when it is raining, snowing, or on a very sunny day when they are not in use. This is to prevent the fibers from getting damaged. For your peace of mind, opt for plastic or resin pieces if you intend to just leave them outdoors.


4. Repairing Cracks on the Wicker Outdoor Furniture Finish

To mend cracks in the finish, you can use boiled linseed oil (take note: don’t use the raw linseed oil). Apply a light coat of oil using a paintbrush, then allow it to dry. Continue putting on more coats until the finish becomes shiny because this is your cue that there is enough oil and more oil can no longer be absorbed. Then wipe the wicker piece clean and allow it to dry for a day away from the sun. Properly dispose of the paintbrush and rags you used in applying linseed oil since it is very flammable. You can also spray paint your wicker outdoor furniture as an alternative to brushing it. Apply two to three light coats instead of one heavy coat to prevent drip marks. See to it that you allow each coat to dry completely.


5. When Your Wicker Outdoor Furniture Needs a Makeover

If you think that your wicker outdoor finish could do some facelift, consider refinishing or repainting. Begin this task by lightly sanding off the old, flaky paint or lacquer with a fine-grained sandpaper. If you are repainting, put on an oil-based wood primer twice or more times then follow it with an oil-based exterior house paint. Do this two times, as well. If you are using lacquer instead of paint, you can leave out the primer and just use lacquer to bring out a clear finish. Once the paint or lacquer has dried completely, apply a very light coat of furniture wax, preferably liquid wax, to protect the finish. You may also consider using an oil-based stain to give your wicker outdoor furniture a makeover.


Wicker outdoor furniture is in itself a durable type of furniture. However, its functional life can be prolonged by following the tips we have just covered.

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