5 Ways To Keep Portable Indoor Fireplaces Safe

Portable Indoor Fireplaces

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Portable Indoor Fireplaces Charm Homeowners

Indoor portable fireplaces have gained popularity among homeowners owing to their convenience of use and maintenance. They are not tied down by permanent connections making them easy to be transferred from one place to another according at your whim. You can enjoy your portable fireplace anywhere you bring it to: the living room, your bedroom, the den, in the kitchen or wherever you please.

Portable indoor fireplaces fueled by gels are considered one of the options with lesser carbon footprint. Gel fuels primarily contain isopropyl alcohol which does not generate fumes or odors that are present in standard fuels.

Keeping Portable Indoor Fireplaces Safe

The portability of these fireplaces has indeed provided convenience for its users. However, this feature could also be a potential cause of danger. Observing the following precautionary measure can help a lot in minimizing these perils.

Position Your Portable Fireplace In A Safe Location. You can practically place your portable fireplaces almost anywhere provided that the site is safe for lodging the heating appliance. Position it in a flat surface to provide a stable base. Bases made of stone, concrete or brick slab are ideal for this purpose, while those made of wood should be avoided. Be sure to keep the area surrounding the fireplace is free from overhanging items such as curtain and decors that are flammable.

Keep The Fire Under Control At All Times. Make it a point to keep the fire within the safe confines of the firebox. Fuel should be added only when necessary. Be careful not to excessively stoke the fire to prevent it from growing more quickly than you can handle. Fires that have grown out of control may inflict damage to property and deadly injuries. Do not feed the fire with plastics, trash and treated lumber because when combusted, they release poisonous gases that can pose risks to your health and to the environment.

Never ever leave your indoor portable fireplace while fire is burning. While you are away, embers may fly from the fireplace and cause a fire. Always turn off the fireplace if you need to leave, even for just a while. The bother of starting a fire all over again is nothing compared to trouble you could go through when your home catches fire.

Always Keep A Safe Distance From The Fire. Keeping a distance of at least four feet from the fire is another precaution you must observe to avoid freaky accidents. Keep an eye on pets and children and keep them away from the danger zones.

Be Your Own Little Fireman. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy each time you set up your fireplace. This ensures that in case your fire goes out of control, you can douse it using the safety device. As an extra safety measure, you can also prepare a water hose close by and a couple of pails sand or water. In case a fire breaks, immediately call for help from other household members who can assist you in putting out the fire. Quickly acting on it is essential in controlling damage.

Properly Maintain Portable Indoor Fireplaces. Periodically cleaning your portable heating appliance does not just keep it tidy. More importantly, it can ward off rust which can jeopardize the safety of the appliance. Replace the whole unit if rust starts to appear.

The transportability of portable indoor fireplaces make them a convenient and versatile addition to any home; however, just like other heating appliances, safety measures must be observed to avoid freaky accidents.

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