5 Reasons to Buy an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool

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Okay, let’s admit it. An inground pool looks more appealing than an above ground pool. However, for some people, above ground pools are the more logical choice. Let us probe into some of the motivations why people go for the “less” appealing option.

1. Above Ground Pool Season is On

The economy says it all: now is the time to buy an above ground pool or an inflatable pool rather than install an inground pool. If installing an inground pool means dipping deeper into your financial waterhole, then save some of your funds by just opting for these less expensive pool options. You can save not just when you make the purchase, you can also opt to flex your do-it-yourself muscle as kits for this type of pool are easy to assemble. This will allow you to save on the pricey installation of inground pools, not to mention the costly construction crew.

2. An Above Ground Pool Drowns Out the Ruckus During Inground Pool Installation

Installing an above ground pool is not just friendlier to your pocket, it is also friendlier to your ears, as opposed to the noisier and more taxing inground pool installation. You may not be the one doing the work (this means additional costs for installation), but you cannot escape the noise and pandemonium while your backyard oasis is being built, unless if you have another place to stay while work is in progress. Installing an inground pool also means letting go of many of your plants, grass and trees.

3. An Above Ground Pool Does Away With Pool Permit

Besides eliminating the hassles of installing an inground pool, you can also avoid the chore of applying for a pool permit from the government, which is required for inground pools.

4. Your Above Ground Pool Can Go With You if You Move Out

Above ground pools are ideal for people who are renting their homes or are not planning to stay long in the current house that they own or reside in. Younger families often start with a, well, starter house, which is usually cheaper and relatively smaller and installing an inground pool may not be practical. But if you think that a pool right in your own backyard would be a great way for you to spend time with the kids, then consider an above ground pool. When summer season is over, or if you are moving out to a bigger place, you can just dismantle it and take it with you.

5. Inground Illusion for an Above Ground Pool is Possible

So you really prefer the more elegant look of the inground pool, but the land where your house is built does not provide the ideal ground for one, then why not consider an above ground pool with a deck that creates an illusion that it is an inground pool? Inground pools are best in flat, dense land filled with grass. If your house is constructed on a precipitous hill where it is actually more elevated than your backyard, installing an inground pool may be too much of a hassle requiring a lot of digging and re-shifting. Do away with this hassle, go for an above ground pool instead. Simply situate it in a level area that is fairly near the house. Then you can have a deck that leads to the house from the pool constructed. This will do the trick of making your above ground pool look like an inground pool.

An above ground pool may not look as attractive and elegant as an inground pool, but its affordability, portability, and ease and affordability of installation make it more appealing for some homeowners especially in the current economic landscape. You can, after all, create an illusion to make an above ground pool look like the inground type.

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