5 Points To Consider When Buying Pool Tables

Pool tables

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Pool Tables That Can Outlive You

Good quality pool tables are great additions to homes that can be enjoyed by several generations in the family. With proper use and care, it can weather many years of family recreation and bonding. Extra care must be taken when buying a pool table to make the appropriate choice. Consider these factors in your purchase.

Guide To Buying Pool Tables

Size Matters

For beginners, the middle-sized 8-foot pool table, that is, eight by four feet, is ideal. Newbies may get frustrated with longer and more challenging shotmaking using bigger tables, and may get annoyed with the clustered balls that are common in smaller tables. A 9-foot table may also be a good pick if you have ample space in the room where you will be installing it. The beginner will eventually outgrow the 8-foot table, giving him no challenge. By starting with the 9-footer, you can be head and shoulders above those who are used to playing an 8-footer.

Make sure to consider the space needed around the table for stroking and easy storage of the cue. If you do not want your beautiful walls to be marred with the butt of the cues, allow at least six feet of space per side and a few more inches to accommodate backswings.

Get The Bang For Your Buck

The final choice you make hinges on how much your budget is and how much you value durability. Some people do not mind spending over $500 for a larger and more superior pool table which can last even until their grandchildren are born. It would pretty much be part of the family. If you are short on budget but would prefer a finer pool table, save up some more, or you may just be shooting air barrels.

Lock Your Game With A Warranty

To get an even better bang for your buck, choose a brand that guarantees your purchase with a written contract and can provide after-sale service. Opt for brands which can show up when your new purchase gets damaged or becomes uneven after some time of use, and can also do other repairs such as replacing the table felt or tightening the rails at reasonable rates. It would be great to have the manufacturer do the re-leveling as they are equipped with the appropriate caliper and shims. Just make sure that the company is still up and running while your warranty is good. A 10-year warranty is not really what it is if the company offering it has closed down in four years. Ask those who have bought their pool tables how satisfied they are of their purchase and the manufacturer’s after sales service.

Quality Showing on the Surface

If you are looking for better playability, go for the hefty slate as the surface where the felt is laid upon, instead of the low-priced wooden beds that are produced in large quantities. However, moving one very heavy slate can be a Herculean task, so if you expect to be transporting it on some occasions, pick the slate with three-piece assembly. But make sure that a very skilled installer is available to evenly lay it in place and ensure that the thin grooves between partitions do not shake up the game by making small ridges under the cloth. The slate must be at least ⅞ inch thick and secured from the underside with slate liners.

Choose Pool Tables With Flying Colors

The key in choosing the color for your pool table is to veer away from colors that can be distracting, and make marks made by chalk, grease, and liquid more visible. Opt for colors that are easy on the eyes, such as green and blue, although red is a favorite for felt. You can pick from a big palette of colors available so that you can match it with your decor.

Pool tables come in several sizes, color, price and construction, making the task of selecting the one to buy difficult. Juggle these factors based on your preferences and needs to help you make your final decision.

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