5 Most Critical Measures To Keep Your Indoor Gel Fireplace Usage Safe

Indoor Gel Fireplace

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Indoor Gel Fireplace Safety Measures

Over the years, the indoor gel fireplace has gained wide acceptance owing to its convenience of use and easy installation. Fireplaces of this kind often do not require a flue. Just like in any other heating appliance, certain rules of safety must be observed to prevent freaky accidents and unnecessary regrets. These are discussed below.

Buy Only Gel Fuel Recommended For Indoor Gel Fireplace Use

Are you worried that your ventless indoor gel fireplace will give off fumes or smoke that may endanger the health of your family? You have no reason to worry if you stick to what is recommended. The fuel is alcohol-based, thus, it provides a clean heat minus the fumes or smoke. Do not exchange your health, safety and your home for a few dollars of savings buying a cheap version of gel fuel which may have not passed the safety ratings for indoor use of the FDA and OSHA and could potentially wreak havoc to your house or your health.

Another type of gel fuel to avoid are the colored ones because they are potentially toxic since they may create fumes when burned. These poisonous effects are caused by the chemicals that are added to give hues to the gels. Observe extra caution if you want to use it occasionally, taking care to provide proper ventilation for these toxic gases to escape. But always keep in mind that pure, high quality, uncolored gel fuels that has passed the safety ratings of the authorities are the best and safest to use.

Store Indoor Gel Fireplace Fuel Away From Sunlight or Heat

The gel fuel used for your indoor gel fireplace contain alcohol that could overheat when stored in a place where there is heat, such as near the oven or where it is directly exposed to sunlight. Keep them in a cool dry place not just to avoid bursting them into flames, but also to maintain its quality.

Handle Hot Metal Cans With Care

Gel fuel is relatively expensive, that is why, it is understandable if you attempt at putting aside the remaining fuel left in the indoor gel fireplace. Be sure to observe extra precaution when handling the sizzling fuel cans. Before, doing this, make sure that the flame in the can has completely died already. Replace the lid of the can by using tongs since it may still be hot and could burn your fingers. The savings you get from keeping the leftovers may just be enough to pay for a tube of burn ointment.

An indoor gel fireplace is a safe and efficient source of heat for your home, provided that you observe the precautionary measures to avoid mishaps.

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