5 Benefits That Make Indoor Stone Fireplaces Rock

Indoor Stone Fireplaces

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Indoor Stone Fireplaces Through The Centuries

History has seen indoor stone fireplaces make headway in helping make the lives of people more comfortable. Centuries ago, before they posed as sexy decorative centerpieces in many homes, they started their hot career as indoor ovens in medieval castles. Today, many homes still use them for warmth and cozy ambiance. Let us take a look at some of its attributes that compel homeowners to welcome them in their homes.

Benefits of Indoor Stone Fireplaces

One of a Kind. You cannot find two identical stones. Each piece of natural stone is unique in size, shape, color or texture. Manufacturers of artificial stones also deliberately give their products individual appearances to give them a more realistic feel. This means that no two indoor stone fireplaces are alike. The way you arrange the stones and the kind you select to use also adds to the uniqueness of your fireplace. For a charming countryside feel, opt for large stones and arbitrarily set them around the firebox. But if you would rather go for a modern look, you may use thin stone veneers.

Heavy-Duty. Indoor stone fireplaces require easy maintenance, such as infrequent wiping down with moist rag, yet they maintain their look. Unlike fireplaces built of wood or tiles, they do not need to be sealed or polished. They are sturdy and resist fire. Natural stones do not chip that easily. In short, they are long-lasting when taken care of properly.

Fuel-Efficient. Gone are the days when only wood can be used to fuel a stone fireplace. These days, it can help homeowners save fuel costs by operating using gas or pellet stove insert. Additionally, the stone’s ability to hold on to heat makes this type of fireplace fuel efficient regardless of the kind of stove you are using. Heat can still radiate from the stone column even after the fire has died.

Affordable. The arrival of manufactured stones and stone veneers have reduced the cost of installing stone fireplaces. These artificial rocks are lighter and thinner than natural stones, rendering them cheaper and easier to install.

Adds Value To Your Home. On top of cozy ambiance and warmth, an indoor fireplace can also possibly boost the worth of your house. The National Board Realtors say that the value of a home featuring a new or well-maintained fireplace can go up by as much as 12 percent.

The uniqueness, affordability, efficiency and durability of indoor stone fireplaces make it a popular addition to many homes; and as bonus, they can even add worth to the value of homes.

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