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Intex Pools

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Intex Pools – World Leader in Above-Ground Pools

Intex has been dominating the global market for above-ground pools using the formula of excellent quality, superior service and low prices. The company offers an assortment of above-ground pools to suit any budget and backyard space. Intex pools are classified into four types: Easy Set, Oval Frame, Round Metal Frame, and Rectangular Frame Pools. All of these pools are constructed with very durable, triple-ply sidewalls to provide strength, the right shape, and resistance to perforation.

Easy Set Intex Pools

As its name hints, this type of Intex pool is considered the easiest pool to put together in less than 30 minutes. In just three steps, you can already chill out and enjoy summer soaked in your oasis. One, lay out the pool liner on level ground; two, pump up air into the top ring; three, fill the newly assembled pool with water, and voila! there goes your summer haven. Dimensions of these pools range between eight to eighteen feet in diameter and 30 to 52 inches in height, and can contain 639 to 5,894 gallons of water.

Metal Frame Intex Pools

This ultra strong and durable pool allows additional swimming area and is made of rust-proof high-grade steel. Next to the Easy Set type, the Metal Frame kind is also simple to assemble requiring no tools. All you have to do is either simply pin or snap together the metal beams and joints, and in less than 45 minutes, you can now take a dip in your personal backyard pool. You can choose from its range of sizes and capacity: 10 to 24 feet in diameter, 30 to 52 inches in height, and can hold between 1200 to 12,500 gallons of water.

Rectangular Ultra Frame Intex Pools

If you are looking forward to lap swimming, then a Rectangular Ultra Frame Intex Pool will suit you. This newly-introduced type of rectangular pool features a distinctive shape and added strength compared to a traditional rectangular frame. It is also simpler to construct with pieces that fit together so easily and securely requiring no extra locking pins, giving it a neater look compared to its traditional counterpart. If you still prefer the traditional rectangular frames, don’t worry as Intel is still selling them.

Round Ultra Frame Pools Intex Pools

If you prefer the classic round shape over the rectangular ones, then opt for the Round Ultra Frame pool. Like its other Intex counterparts, this type of pool is made of high-grade rust-proof steel. It was also designed to be stronger than the old round frames. Its assembly is also simplified by the pieces that were designed to snap together very easily and securely needing no additional locking pins. Again, you get a clean and great-looking pool.

When looking to buy an above-ground pool for the summer, consider Intex pools as they are the number one brand in this niche across the globe.

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