4 Kinds of Swimming Pool Supplies To Keep Your Pool Swim-Ready

swimming pool supplies

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Swimming Pool Supplies To Balance Pool Water Chemistry

Before adding in any other pool chemicals like chlorine, it is vital to first adjust the pH of the pool water. Balancing the pH of the pool water helps to make sure that the other pool chemicals to be used will work well. It also helps to enhance swimmer safety and visual clarity. You will know if you need to adjust it using the pH test. A test kit may include an acid demand test that enables you to compute the amount of acid to add to balance the pH. To do this, you typically have to be familiar with the volume of the pool.

Pool water with high pH can be balanced by adding liquid hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), dry acid (sodium bisulphate), or other pool acids: Utmost care must be observed when adding this swimming pool supply. Carelessness can lead to severe burns. Make sure that no swimmers are in the water when adding the acid. Also see to it that the pump is turned on. Prepare a plastic bucket where you will mix the acid. Take note to add acid to water; do not add water to acid. Also never add great amounts of acid to the pool at once as this can etch the walls, corrode the pipes and pump fittings, and decrease total alkalinity of the pool water.

Pool water with low pH can be balanced by adding an alkali, the most common of which is soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate. There are soda ash calculators that help to compute for the amount of soda ash to add.

Swimming Pool Supplies To Sanitize Pool

Sanitizing pool water is essential to ensure that you, your family and guests are treading on safe, clean, and bacteria-free water. There are sanitizing tablets and other chlorine products that help to effectively keep water sanitized for a long period. When you dissolve chlorine into the pool water, it molecularly mingles with the bacteria and other harmful living organisms in the pool water to destroy them. Chlorine is rendered inactive and ineffective in sanitizing your pool after it mixes with these organisms. The chlorine and organic contaminants composition is eliminated from the water via the pool filter system after being expended through a weekly shock treatment. This leads us to the next swimming supply for maintaining pool water.

Swimming Pool Supplies To Shock Pool Water

Shocking, also called Super-chlorinating is necessary to maintain clean and safe pool water especially after a heavy rain, or during prolonged periods of scorching sunny weather. For a short period, this process radically increases the level of chlorine, so high that bacteria and other organisms in the pool water is exterminated. Pool shock, a granular chemical, is dissolved first in a pail of water before it is added to the pool water. Like adding acid or any other chemical, always add chemicals to water rather than add water to chemical. When adding the shock, make sure that the filtration system is running. Shocking helps to eliminate chlorine odor, cloudy water and eye and skin irritation. There are also chlorine-free products you can use for this process.

Swimming Pool Supplies To Control Algae

Surely, you do not want your pristine clear pool water to turn green and slimy. If you see signs of green, it may be time to add some algae control products to eliminate these organisms. In addition to the traditional algaecides, there are now improved algae control products. This includes Phosphate Eliminators with Lanthanum as base, a product that works by starving the algae into submission. Chemical products based on Ammonium Sulfate or Sodium Bromide are also added to control and get rid of certain troublesome kinds of algae, mold and slime. Choose the swimming pool supplies to control algae according to your pool water’s needs.

All of these four types of swimming pool supplies are essential in ensuring that your pool water is kept clean, clear, safe and ready for swimming.

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