4 Easy Ways to Keep Cushions for Outdoor Furniture in Mint Condition

cushions for outdoor furniture

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Giving Your Cushions for Outdoor Furniture Some TLC

Cushions for outdoor furniture are not there as mere accents. Yes, they often have attractive colors and designs but they are not just eye candy. They are an essential part to make the furniture set comfortable and inviting. You take good care of it and your outdoor living space will remain to look appealing and splendid. No matter how weather-resistant your outdoor furniture cushions may be, if you do not give it some TLC, then you may find it fading and getting old sooner than its expected lifespan. Here are some ways and tips on how you can show these cushy props some love to maintain the vivid serene ambiance of your backyard oasis:

How to Maintain the Good Looks of Your Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

1. Buy the right cushions for your outdoor furniture.

It is easier and simpler to take care of outdoor furniture cushions if they are the right kind of things for outdoor use. If you are still about to buy cushions for outdoor furniture, then you must keep in mind that cushions for indoor furniture cannot serve the purpose of cushions for outdoor furniture. The best kinds of patio furniture cushions are made of weatherproof and fade-resist material that helps it endure the outdoor elements. Indoor cushions often do not have this feature. The initial cash outlay may be higher but the durability and ease of maintenance of outdoor furniture cushions will help you save some money and time in the long run as you do not need to replace them sooner and more often. Also make sure that you buy the cushions with the right sizes as wrong sizes can be annoying, may defeat its purpose of providing comfort and can ruin the overall look of your outdoor space.

2. Buy all the cushions for outdoor furniture at once.

When buying cushions for outdoor furniture make it a point to buy all of the cushions that you need at the same time. This ensures that the designs and colors of your cushions all match and eliminate the risk that the cushions with your desired designs may no longer be available later. Another benefit of buying cushions all at once is to allow them to fade together evenly. You don’t want a pallid-looking cushions beside a vividly colored one, right? Planning is key to having that pristine look you have for your outdoor haven.

3. Don’t leave cushions for outdoor furniture out in the weather.

Your outdoor furniture cushions may be weather-proof, but this does not mean that you just leave it soaked in the sun, rain or snow especially when not in use. If moving them in and out is so much of a hassle to you, you can also opt to buy outdoor furniture covers to protect not just the cushions but the entire outdoor furniture, as well.

4. Periodically clean cushions for outdoor furniture.

Most cushions for outdoor furniture are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance as these are often resistant to staining. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean them. Spills can be wiped dry. Make sure to clean cushions used on the poolside deck to prevent moisture and mold build-up.

The number of seasons that your cushions for outdoor furniture can serve its purpose of providing beauty, comfort and durability to your furniture is largely a function of how well you take care of them. So love them all you can so that they will love you and your outdoor furniture back.

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