3 Types of Pool Fencing – Which is Best Suited for Your Pool?

pool fencing

Swimming pools bring a lot of enjoyment and fun among infants, children, and adults. They are especially popular during summer because the refreshingly cold pool water provides relief from the hot weather, aside from offering a nice venue for various water activities and enjoyable outdoor aquatic games. But on the dark side, the pool can also cause traumatic disasters and unimaginable tragedy especially among young kids due to drowning in swimming pools without proper pool fencing.

Why Pool Fencing Is Important

Pool fencing should be part of the entire pool construction plan. In fact, there are places where you can not install a swimming pool without a fence. They must go together, and fencing has become part of the pool.

There are a few important reasons why swimming pools need to be totally fenced. First in the list is safety. Statistics show that thousands of children are involved in drowning each year. A certain percentage of them occurred when the pool is unattended and no else is around; kids simply wander to the poolside leading to their death.

It is for this reason that pool fencing is required in many places. Lives of children and even young adults are at risk if the pool is left without a fence. This is already a good reason enough to install a fence around the pool.

Pool Fencing Law and Regulations to Adhere

Some places around the world have pool fencing laws that mandate setting up a fence around the pool. Pool fencing rules and guidelines vary by state and country. While U.S. has no standard pool fencing law, there are several states like California and Florida that enacted such laws within their respective territories.

It is, therefore, imperative to check the local laws in your area to avoid penalties for non-compliance to local pool fencing regulations and rules. There is minimum height requirement for the pool fence. Many places like Australia and some states in the US set it at 1.2 meter minimum height. These laws are applicable to both public and private backyard pools.

Adherence to the pool fencing ordinance is very important. It should not be complied just to avoid legal issues and penalties, but for safety reasons; as well as to prevent accidents among children and young kids.

Types of Pool Fencing to Install

If you are planning to install a fence around the pool, you have better flexibility on your choices because there are several types of pool fencing to choose from. Each type varies in style, design, quality, durability, and price. Some of the popular options for pool fencing are the glass fence, steel or aluminum fence, and wooden fence.

Glass Pool Fencing

If your main priority is style and uniqueness, then a glass pool fence would be perfect for you. Glass fence is not made of ordinary glass that easily breaks. They are strengthened thick glasses that can resist greater impact than the standard glasses. They look nice around the pool, making it elegant and stylish. On top of that, glass is resistant to extreme heat and heavy rain. However, this comes with a price of being expensive compared to the other types of fences, as well as vulnerability to strong impact.

Metal and Aluminum Pool Fencing

Another type is aluminum and metal pool fencing. Metal is the strongest type of material that resists impact. This is durable a

s well. Metal can be painted with various colors for some uniqueness. The fence can be customized according to the design theme of the pool. When it comes to price, metal fence is affordable. The more expensive types are stainless steel and alloy.

Wooden Pool Fencing

Wooden fence is the traditional type that is still popular today. This is due to the cheaper costs of installing wooden pool fence. However, this is not as durable as glass and steel, and replacement is more often than the other types.

Either way, what is more important is to have reliable pool fencing regardless of the type of fence for safety purposes.

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