3 Reasons for Buying Hayward Pool Pumps

hayward pool pumps

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Hayward Pool Pumps

If you are looking for a reliable pump for your swimming pool, then there are plenty of different brands to choose from; one of the best among them is the Hayward pool pumps. Hayward is a leading brand in swimming pool equipment and tools that include not only different types of pool pumps but also pool filters, pool cleaners, and swimming pool heaters.


2 Types of Hayward Pool Pumps

Hayward pool pumps come in two different types according to the type of pool the pump is intended to be installed. They are the Hayward aboveground pool pumps and the inground Hayward swimming pool pumps. These two different pumps work in completely different ways since the main principle under which they operate are quite distinct from each other.

Aboveground Hayward pool pumps, otherwise known as the flooded suction pump, are well-known for their utmost efficiency when it comes to water flow rate. In this kind of pump, water flow floods the strainer baskets, and they do not have diffusers that enable the pump to pull the pool water. What makes this pump completely different from inground pumps is the water supply level, which is above the pump water inlet.

On the other hand, Hawyard inground pool pumps (also called self-priming centrifugal pump) operates by siphoning the water out of the pool. The pump is equipped with vacuum chamber that is usually filled with water to create a vacuum. This type of pump has powerful engines that smoothly operate with superior efficiency.

Features of Hayward Pool Pumps

Regardless of the type of Hayward pool pumps, they are fully equipped with several distinct features that make them worth buying for. One of them is the superior reliability. The pumps are extremely superior in quality for longer years of trouble-free usage. Many of the pump models are made of thermoplastic materials that are durable and resistant to heat and corrosion.

Furthermore, their products were expertly designed to last long even under heavy use. The water strainers of the pump have see-through designs to allow users to easily check the water level for flawless operation.

Another distinct feature of Hayward pool pumps is superior performance. They are not only durable and strong but reliable in providing cutting-edge performance as well. There are six various types of pumps according to horsepower rating. There are small-powered pumps with only ½ horsepower, while there are also pumps with 2-1/2 horsepower rating.

For over-sized pools, the Hayward Super Pumps are highly suggested because they are extremely powerful with dual-speed pumps that operate under 3 horsepower engines. Thus, their pumps are able to cater to different sizes of pools, regardless if they are inground or aboveground pools.

Above all, the pumps are offered at reasonable prices to make them affordable to swimming pool owners from all walks of life. You can easily find one that matches your budget.

Now it all boils down to one question, and that is if these Hayward pool pumps are worth buying. The choice is up to you, but the durability of this brand speaks for itself, on top of the superior performance of Hayward pool pumps for all types of swimming pools.

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