3 Important Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor Furniture Covers Got You Covered

When the sizzling heat of summer or the biting cold of winter make lounging in your garden or patio impossible, you seek refuge from the comforts of your home. Before you hole up, don’t forget your pi

Outdoor furniture covers

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eces of outdoor furniture. They may not suffer from heat stroke or hypothermia, but they also deteriorate with continual exposure to these elements. Extend the number of useful years of your garden furniture pieces by protecting them with outdoor furniture covers. This may mean additional cost for you, but in the long run, this cost would substantially be much less than the cost of having to replace your outdoor furniture set sooner due to damage caused by constant exposure to the great outdoors.

The Need for Outdoor Furniture Covers

Because they are exposed to the harsh outdoor elements, pieces of outdoor furniture are designed to be sturdier than indoor furniture. This does not necessarily mean though that your garden furnishings, whatever they are made of, are totally impervious to these elements. In time, even a wrought iron chair would yield to incessant rain and its color would eventually give in to constant exposure to sunlight. Surely, you cannot bear to see your elegant wood outdoor furniture soaked by rain or to see its color fade due to constant exposure to sunlight. Can you imagine cleaning your wicker chairs from bird droppings? What about the effects of snow, wind, sleet, ice, hail, and other harsh weather conditions to your metal or steel garden furniture?

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture Covers

1. Material

Of course, you would want outdoor furniture covers that can really serve their purpose of protecting your garden furniture so make sure that you choose only the best. Make sure that the material is weather-proof, waterproof, UV resistant and is durable enough to provide protection from extreme heat or cold. Look for something that is light in weight for your convenience in using them and putting them away when not needed. Keep delicate patio furniture from being scratched by going for covers that are backed by a soft cloth.

Cheap plastic or vinyl often do not fit this description but if you are on a tight budget, you can make use of these plastic outdoor furniture covers for a couple of seasons until they give in to the harsh elements.

2. Right fit

A number of outdoor furniture covers of good quality are available in an array of sizes and shapes. For optimal protection, buy outdoor furniture covers that perfectly fit your patio furniture pieces. If you cannot find that cover that can perfectly fit a piece of your furniture, consider having it custom made. Do not allow certain areas left uncovered by using a smaller cover lest the elements can creep through them. Going for oversized covers is also not a wise move because on a windy day, they can billow out like balloons and may just be blown off of the furniture piece. Their excess material can also become a receptacle of moisture when there is rain or snow. This may cause stain or mildew on the cover, may damage the cover if the water freezes during winter, or may even draw pests like mosquitoes in summer.

3. Special Features

Beside the two basic considerations, you can also choose special features that suit your needs. You can opt for outdoor furniture covers that have zippers, elastic hems, leg ties, Velcro, or integrated storage pockets. To lead water off the covers, look for covers that have piping along the seams. If you want to minimize water that condense beneath the outdoor furniture covers, choose the ones which feature air vents.

Protect and prolong the lifespan of your patio furniture by investing in high quality outdoor furniture covers. The more expensive your furniture, the higher the quality of the covers should be.

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