3 Easy Steps on Buying Lowes Outdoor Furniture at a Great Price

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Starting out as a small hardware store over 60 years ago, Lowes has flourished to become the No. 2 home improvement retailer all over the world helping its customers build, maintain, beautify and enjoy their homes. Its more than 1700 stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico carry 40,000 products in 20 product categories, from nursery products to tools and paint, to appliances and lumber and even furniture, including outdoor furniture. For this post, let us find out how you can buy Lowes outdoor furniture at great budget-friendly deals. Here are three easy steps:

1. When Buying Lowes Outdoor Furniture: Know What You Want

Just like life in general, planning is key if you want to purchase Lowes outdoor furniture at a great price. This will help you decide what you really want. On the opposite end of the spectrum is impulse buying. If your budget is limited, you do not want to get involved in this as it often ends up with a sizable credit card bill and regret. So step number one is to plan and decide on what you really want for your outdoor living space. Do you want to transform it into an outdoor kitchen and dining space? A swimming pool oasis, or simply a refreshing living space where you can be with the birds and the tress and see the sky when you look up? This will make answering the next question: “What pieces do you want included?” easier. Would you want an alfresco dining set, a hammock, a patio bar, a lounger, a couple of rockers, Adirondack chairs, or chaise lounges? Visit Lowes website as they feature how-to tips and creative ideas on how to improve your outdoor space and home.

2. When Buying Lowes Outdoor Furniture: Shop Around First

Once you have decided on what you want, the next thing you need to do is to shop around at Lowes stores, or even at other stores if necessary to find out if the outdoor furniture you want is available. Needless to say, you can simultaneously do steps 1 and 2, as shopping around will help you decide or discover what you really want.

3. When Buying Lowes Outdoor Furniture: Know The Best Time to Buy

Once you know what you want and where to get it, the next half-step is actually to wait and keep an eye out on the item until it is offered on sale. Of course, this is assuming that the furniture is not urgently needed. If so, delay your Lowes outdoor furniture purchase until the end of summer as this is usually the time Lowes puts their patio furniture on clearance sale. You have to be on the look out though because as soon as it goes on sale, the items can sell really quick. In general new furniture is rolled out bi-annually, usually in February and August. Before these releases, retailers like Lowes often offer old furniture on clearance in anticipation of the fresh set of furniture. So mark January or July on your calendar as the best time to shop for new furniture. You may also want to be on your toes on Memorial Day, Mother’s day, Christmas, Independence Day, Father’s Day, and Black Friday as furniture could also be offered on sale during these special days.

So by knowing what you want, where you can get them and when is the best time to buy, you can own Lowes outdoor furniture even at half its original price.

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