3 Best Places to Find Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

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Is It Time to Buy Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Furniture?

Cushions are often the first to go among the various parts and pieces of outdoor furniture. Soft as they may be, they usually take the most direct beating. They get direct exposure from the sun, rain, wind, bird droppings, molds and other elements. If they are not weatherproof, waterproof and fade-resistant, they may not “live” to seat, err, see the next season. Since they are used to shield the main piece of furniture, usually a chair, lounge, stool, or any seat furniture, from the one using the furniture, they directly deal with our backside and weight, as well as soak up our sweat or odor and spills from coffee, juice, wine or whatever we are having when relaxing outdoors. At times, they may be hurled by owners to express playful humor or an outburst. No wonder after spring and summer, these cushions may look wilted like the falling autumn leaves. When they get too tattered that they already ruin the look of your patio, start finding replacement cushions for outdoor furniture. This post will point you to the right places.


Where to Buy Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

1. Buy From Your Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

This is the first place to check out especially if you were satisfied with your old outdoor furniture cushions. Most likely they would carry replacement cushions for outdoor furniture. Forgot the manufacturer’s name? Check out your old cushions and look for the manufacturing tag which usually has the manufacturer’s name, model name or product number. Then get in touch with the company to ask about the availability of replacement cushions for outdoor furniture. Make sure to supply the details so that you get the exact cushions you need especially in terms of dimensions so that they fit your furniture well. Of course, you can opt for a design or color different from your previous cushions.

If there’s no tag to tell you the model name or product number, you can also search the website of the furniture manufacturer to possibly find the same model there and you can use this as your reference. Once you find it, you can now order a new set.


2. Order Custom-Made Cushions from Manufacturers of Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Furniture

If there’s no way of recalling the manufacturer’s name, such as if your outdoor furniture is an old family heirloom, or you bought it from a flea market, then consider ordering custom-made replacement cushions for outdoor furniture. This ensures that they will fit your furniture just right, and you can choose the colors and design.


3. Buy from Outdoor Furniture Stores and Retailers

If there are no companies that produce custom-made cushions near you, or if they charge more than your budget, then consider browsing through the selections of outdoor furniture stores and retailers as they are sure to carry replacement cushions for outdoor furniture of various sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Measure the dimensions and take a picture of your outdoor furniture and cushions and use them as your guide in buying the right set of cushions. If you bought your outdoor furniture from one of these retailers, then they are most likely to carry replacement cushions for your specific outdoor furniture.


Go ahead and check out any of these three places to buy replacement cushions for outdoor furniture. You may not even need to leave your home as most of these places can also take online orders. However, nothing beats checking out the actual items in person as online images sometimes do not accurately portray how the actual products look.

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