12 Swimming Pool Safety Tips You Should Not Ignore

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Swimming Pool – Oasis and Window-Maker

A swimming pool is a welcome addition to any home. It can serve as a refreshing haven to escape the sweltering heat of summer or a terrific bonding environment for the entire family. Sadly though, it also has the potential to be a cause for injury, regret and grief as accidents can sometimes happen. The most at risk are children who do not fully understand the potential danger and are, thus, freewheeling at play. That is why, it is imperative that you and your household member observe certain safety measures.

Basic Swimming Pool Safety Measures

1. Do not permit kids to swim by themselves without adult supervision, even if they know how to swim or have taken lessons. A child may accidentally hit his head while diving or could suffer a cramp underwater. It is crucial to have adults in the vicinity who can readily help during such occurrences as accidents can occur in a flash without anyone expecting it. Kids four years old or younger must be attended by their parents while in the pool. A floatation device must not be relied on as a substitute to adult supervision.

2. Kids who do not know how to swim must be not be allowed to be in or around the pool.

3. For the safety of your kids, and so that they can be allowed access to the pool, let them take certified swimming lessons, or at least teach them the fundamental techniques in floating and life-saving that can come in handy should an accident happen. Parents must also take lessons on basic CPR.

4. Do no leave your kids alone even in portable pools, barrels and other bodies of water since accidents can still happen even in these.

5. Educate babysitters of the possible dangers that can happen when children are in and around the pool. Emphasize to them the importance of unremitting supervision. It would also be great if they have basic knowledge of CPR.

6. Fence in your swimming pool and keep it locked when not in use to keep children away.

7. Do not leave your swimming pool slightly open. Completely cover the pool to prevent anyone from falling into the pool and may not be able to immediately find a way out of the water due to the partial cover. Do not allow you kids to walk over the cover.

8. Always make a life saving floatation device available and ready for use within reach of the pool.

9. Always keep your eyes peeled when kids are swimming or are around the pool. Be attentive to what they are doing at all times.

10. Take away the stepladder to above ground pools when it is not to be used.

11. Keep a phone with you so that you do not have to leave the children in or near the swimming pool while you answer a call inside the house. It would also be best if your keep emergency numbers handy.

12. Have a telephone at poolside to avoid having to leave children unattended in or near the pool to answer a telephone elsewhere. Keep emergency numbers at the poolside telephone.

A swimming pool at home offers both risks and benefits to your family. It can be a place for you to gather and bond; it can also potentially be the reason for losing a loved one, hence, it is crucial to always follow basic safety measures.

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