Snooker tables and Room Size Charts

Snooker was invented by British Army Officers

Snooker is a game made popular by British Army officers stationed in India in the second half of the 19th century. The game of snooker is attributed to Neville Chamberlain (who is not to be confused with his contemporary of the same name The Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who vastly under estimated Hitler pre-WWII) who was an officer in India and when he was playing a new flanged game popular among officers his opponent failed to “pot” a ball and he called him a snooker. A snooker was a British military jargon for a novice or inexperienced soldier so Neville was pretty much call his adversary a rookie. The name caught on for both neophytes to the game and the game itself.

Snooker Played on 6 x 12 Foot Table

Now normally snooker is played on a 12 by 6-foot table, so the 6-foot table is in essence a half size table. The most popular is the 6ft Debut Ambassador Deluxe Snooker Table which green baize according to most people has the run and feel of its larger sister table.

Snooker table Cloth

Baize is the felt that is on a snooker table, and comes in the standard green. Unlike billiard and pool table cloth or felt which is napless, allowing a faster smoother play; snooker used a napped variety which means it is fuzzy and understanding the effect of the nap is part of the game. The popular British phrase on the green baize comes from snooker and baize is dyed green because in the early days of billiard or cue sports it was to mimic grass or lawn. Baize and billiard cloth though similar in appearance is not felt and most often is woolen though sometimes cotton.

Room Size Chart for 6 Foot to 12 Foot Snooker/Billiard/Pool Tables:

Table Size Playing Area 48″ Cue 52″ Cue 57″ Cue 60″ Cue
6 foot 66″ x 33″ 14’6″ x 11’9″ 15’2″ x 12’5″ 16′ x 13’3″ 16’6″ x 13’9″
7 foot 78″ x 39″ 15’4″ x 12’2″ 16′ x 12’10” 16’10” x 13’8″ 17’4″ x 14’2″
8 foot 88″ x 44″ 16’4″ x 12’8″ 17′ x 13’4″ 17’10” x 14’2″ 18’4″ x 14’8″
8 foot oversized 92″ x 46″ 16’8″ x 12’10” 17’8″ x 13’6″ 18’2″ x 14’4″ 18’8″ x 14’10”
9 foot 100″ x 50″ 17’4″ x 13’2″ 18’4″ x 13’10” 18’10” x 14’8″ 19’4″ x 15’2″
10 foot 112″ x 56″ 18’4″ x 13’8″ 19’4″ x 14’4″ 19’10” x 15’2″ 20’4″ x 15’8″
12 foot 124″ x 62″ 19’4″ x 14’2″ 20’4″ x 14’10” 20’10” x 15’8″ 21’4″ x 16’2″

6 Foot Snooker table

The 6ft Debut Ambassador Deluxe Snooker Table comes covered in this courser green baize but comes with extra balls to convert from snooker (which is played with six less balls and not numbered) to pocket billiards or pool though pool will be different to play on this table from a normal napless clothed billiard table.

Room Size for a 6 Foot Snooker table

This table is also still needs a large amount of room so though it is only six feet in length; it needs a room size of 14ft by 11ft for full queuing action. So while some 6-foot tables are made to fit in a smaller space, the six-foot snooker table still needs a good size room but far less then the room needed for a full size table which would be 21 and a half feet by 15 and a half feet.

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