Hot Tubs for relaxation or Party?

1. Relaxation: Therapy or Party. First things first, ask yourself why do you want a spa? Do you want it for Hydrotherapy to ease your sore back or do you want it as a … [Read More]

Hot Tub Party

Ease of Use: Hot Tub Maintenance

  Filters Remember that just because it has more filters do not mean it will be a cleaner spa. For every one of those separate filters you have in your tub that … [Read More]

hot tub maintenance

5 Benefits That Make Indoor Stone Fireplaces Rock

Indoor Stone Fireplaces Through The Centuries History has seen indoor stone fireplaces make headway in helping make the lives of people more comfortable. Centuries ago, … [Read More]

indoor stone fireplace

Outdoor pool Tables

Outdoor Pool Tables Playing pool is not just an indoor sport anymore. Pool and billiards is a fun, relaxing and social game that can be enjoyed by everyone … [Read More]

DCF 1.0

Pool Table Lights

Pool Table Lights If there is one thing every pool table needs, it’s a good light.  Cue sports are games of millimeters, of minute precision; good light is crucial.  Pool … [Read More]

pool table lights

Introduction to wood burning stoves

Burning wood has help keep us warm since before recorded history.  Of course, it is still an important part of heating for a substantial portion of the world.  There are 3 … [Read More]

wood burning stove

Used Pool Tables

Used pool Table Prices If you are in the market for a pool table and want a deal the obvious choice is a used table.  Used billiard tables can be a great deal especially … [Read More]

used pool table

Kids Pool Tables

Kids Playing Pool from a Young Age There isn’t a better time to start playing billiards than at a young age.  I still remember the frustration of watching my oldest sister … [Read More]

Gameroom 10-08

Chopping Logic On Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces Create Cozy Ambiance Many people are so enthralled by the charm, authentic look and feel of indoor wood burning fireplaces that they could not … [Read More]

Wood Burning Stove

Mini Pool Table

Four Five and Six Foot Pool Tables Pool tables keep getting smaller and smaller it seems like. Now beyond the space saving six-foot tables there are even five-foot tables. … [Read More]

mini pool table